Have you heard of carders?

We bet you have. Well, maybe not by this term but most likely you have not only heard of them but also suffered from their illegal activities. Especially if you are an owner or a manager of an online-business.

Carders are criminals who steal other people's credit card information and use it to buy goods and services in the Internet. Every month hundreds of thousands of small businesses loose millions of dollars because of carders.

We are business owners and we got really fed up with the situation when you are on your own against thieves. So we created Anticarder.com. Originally we developed it as a tool for our internal use, but working with other online stores we noticed a great interest in it from them. So, we decided to go public and share it with other companies.

Technical details

Anticarder.com was built to be a website that provides API to consumers (typically, consumers are e-commerce websites) and will indicate if someone using their website is a possible carder who was previously detected by other consumers. You can use this website in two ways: as a human and in your system code. We plan to provide integration modules and add-ons for most popular ecommerce scripts which will allow super-easy setup. We use a fuzzy search algorithm which allows for typos in names. For example 'Vitaly' instead of 'Vitaliy' or 'Jon' instead of 'John' should not be an issue. Feel free to test and report bugs since we are still in beta!

The History

We've created Anticarder for our internal needs (mostly, for qwintry.com and other ecommerce-related projects) because we just got tired of checking if new registered users on the website were carders.